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Default where do i start?

This is my system:
epox 8rda6+pro - nForce2 chipset (just upgraded, old one won't work)
AMD AThlon 2500+ Barton
Just4PC 350watt power supply
Maxtor 80GB Hard drive 7200RPM ATA 133
Western Digital Hard Drive 7200RPM ATA 100
1GB ram in dual channel
eVGA GeForce 6600 256mb
Samsung CD-RW
Lite-On CD-RW
Floppy Drive

This is my problem:
1.)Samsung CD-RW is only some times recognized at POST but later recognized during installation of Windows
2.)Windows XP won't install all the way. After reboot it tries to finish installation but stalls. This also happened with Windows 98 though it kept stopping at recognizing plug n play devices. (Linux will install though and will boot.)
3.)master file table was deleted and I needed files on one of the partitions on the Western Digital Drive.
4.)IBM mouse will light but is not responding. In USB port.

Is the OS problem from windows or my motherboard?
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