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Default problems with external DVD-RW

So I borrowed this external DVD-RW drive from a relative so I can burn some stuff. Well now I have a problem. Windows doesn't see it as a DVD-RW, but as a DVD-R. (checked from the device manager etc)

It can burn normal CDs like it should, but when I put a dvd disc in and try to move stuff onto it windows gives me an error.

So any suggestions on how I could make windows see it as a DVD-RW so that I could burn the stuff onto DVDs instead of normal CDs?
I've already tried to get drivers for it, but their website doesn't give any drivers for it because it is supposed to work correctly with the drivers windows provides.
Also tried to use it on 2 other computers, both said it was an DVD-R drive.
And yes I'm sure it's DVD-RW since it says DVD-RW on the drive.

So any suggestions?

edit: the external drive is Plextor PX-708UF
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