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Thread: Heh
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Well, I've tried pretty much everything to get this thing working. I've tried running it with just 1 Stick of Ram (512mb) and it'll still reboot. I've had this computer for about 7 days now, first 6 days it wouldn't even let me install Windows XP because it wouldnt even stay booted long enough. It'll load XP without a hitch now, but when actually using XP and staying booted is a whole nother story. I'll be sending this machine back into Ibuypower, for them to hopefully fix and get working and if not I will ask them for a full money refund. I've lost countless hours of sleep and to no prevail nothings worked. Very frusterating but hopefully it will be fixed. It's funny because right now I'm using a Gateway which I thought was the biggest P.O.S ever, heh now I'm definitly eating those words.
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