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Default Re: Xbox 360 report.

Thats kewl

You know the PS3?
I read something yesterday and it annoyed me a bit, saying how that game coming out for the pS3 only, KillZone 2 had superior graphics to Xbox 360's game, Gears Of War. Now the graphics on that demo shown were amazing, no doubt about it.

Even if some people think the KillZone 2 graphics were pre-rendered, they may not be, but I have a reason to why they may be better if that ends up to be the final look.

KillZone 2 is only coming out on the PS3. The graphics engine can work completly on the PS3's and would have been worked for that console only.

Gears Of War though will be out on PC also, and so the Unreal 3 engine used had to suit both types of hardware (Unreal 3 engine will be used on PS3 also), though still using the latest technology.
If it was built for Xbox 360 only and an engine was built just for that, the improvement of graphics would probably have been the same as the jump of KillZone 2 if the graphics shown were not pre-rendered.

Anyone agree with that?
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