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Default Re: Athlon 3200 or P4 3.0 GHz

Originally Posted by ownage
I understand the capabilities of TCCD, it is extremely good, im using a set of TCCD right now. It could be TCC5 but im too lazy to pull the heat spreaders. BH-5 isnt that expensive, you cant get it new, but hey, its still BH-5. Some people have BH-5s that dont even know it. Manufacturers put BH-5s on value RAM. *shakes fist* But moving on, TCCD is very nice because it thrives on low voltages, 2.6V-3.0V. Actually, BH-5 is not that hot, there are RAM that run hotter than BH-5, mostly from Micron. But TCCD tends to run pretty warm. My TCC5 or TCCD when using 2.7 or 2.8 volts, the heatspreaders are warm to the touch. TCCD used to be very expensive. I remember April of last year when i got my sticks, they were in the $150 price range. Generally, TCCD runs warm, but high frequencies, and more relaxed latencies. BH-5 or UTT on the other hand, run warm like TCCD, decent frequencies (270mhz), very tight timings 2-2-2-x.

Ahhh, the Geil One. 1.5 for CAS Latency will lower performace in motherboards other than DFI NF4 motherboards. Dont ask me why, it just does. 1.5 isnt actually a 'real' CAS Latency. Software still sees it as CAS 2.

TCCD is only getting better... People see the potential in them and are going crazy with them. It won't be long until we see 1-1-1-2 1T or maybe even .5-1-1-1 1T. However, when that day comes, maybe someone will build HDDs that finally take advantage of the 3.0G/s SATA, because right now, hard drives are the biggest bottlenecks of the PC.

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