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Default Re: Athlon 3200 or P4 3.0 GHz

Originally Posted by Quinton McLeod

Dude. You linked a message forum. You didn't link the New York times or any article. Forums are simply opinions. I never link forums unless I'm trying to reflect a person's opinion. I never point to a forum to prove a fact.

I'm not an enthusiaist? You can't even spell the word! How many of us even run BH5? It's hard to even get BH5 to 1 gig let alone 2. You can run TCCD at a lower voltage at 2gigs and run at 280mhz or even above 300mhz and not have to worry about overheating. BH5, you can't do that. That is why Enthusiaists don't play around much with BH5 as much as they do TCCD. TCCD has a way brighter future than BH5, thank you very much.

I've seen people run TCCD at 2.5-2-2-4 1T at higher frequencies than BH5.

Deleted a repetitive word.
I guess you can't spell either. What are you talking about running BH-5 to 1 gig? TCCD at 2 gigs? What are you talking about. Show me that TCCD can do 300mhz 2-2-2-5 and ill end this.
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