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Default Re: Planning for the future

Yes, you must have dual core processor. Also make sure it's 64-bit too. 1GB is minimum and fliexible from that point on. For the power supply, get something around 450watts if you don't plan on gaming too often or if you're not a hardcore gamer. I seriously doubt you want SLi? If you somehow change your mind and go with that route, get a 550watt power supply minimum.

Video card, I would also agree with the 6800GS. It's a great all around video card. It will play games too if you need to and it's not too high priced compared to the other more capable cards. You're future proof with that video card. As for a good motherboard, use Asus, DFI, Abit, MSI using the latest chipset. I think Intel has nforce4 chipsets and of course, their own 945 chipsets as well. They're good.

As for fans, use the stock fans. Buy the CPU retail and you won't have to worry about thermal compounds, heatsinks, etc. Case fans are separate and they are really cheap ranging from $5 and up.
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