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Default Re: Planning for the future

Well for the future.. u may wanna go dual core since everything is slowly gonna be using dual cores and single cores will be phased out. for RAM 1gb is good... but more and more people are getting 2gb now.. so 1-2gb is very good. PSU...well if youre not gonna be running a high end graphics card... then i would say at least 400watts to be on the safe side. Hard drive... make sure its S-ATA because IDE is a thing of the past.. well people still use it for hard drives but sata transfers data faster. for a motherboard i would say a good board would be dfi lanparty ut nf4 ultra-d. for a video card... if you wont be gaming a lot i would go for an nvidia 6800gs. sound card i would not get on board. a seperate pci sound card takes the stress of your motherboard having to run a on board card. for a heat sink if youre not ocing.. a stock fan will be fine.
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