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Default i need your help

The computer that I have been using at home just died. The motherboard shorted out on me. It was about time though we've had it for five years. I want to know what you guys would conisder a good computer that would be reasonably up-to-date for the next 3 or 4 years i was thinking of something along the lines of...

Cpu-2.8 to 3.o ghz intel preferably
Ram-1 gb probably kingston
Psu-This is where i'm not for sure..maybe 320 volts and any namebrand
Hdd-probably 120 gb western digital
video card-this is where i really want personal opinions..this computer won't be dong any gaming so i won't need a hardcore card but i am also for sure not getting onboard video
sound card-i was planning on just getting onboard sound..this won't be a major issue with me. I don't listen to much music or games
Mobo-this is also where i have no idea of what should be the best thing to get.

One last detail all of these parts will have to be bought in Moscow, Russia which is a downside so if i tell you guys prices please don't tell me that i'm paying too much for the parts

besides that all comments are welcome.

[EDIT: what fans should i be looking for and a heatsink..and thermal paste haha just as an after thought and do screws come with the computer parts or do you need to purchase those.]
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