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Default Something is seriously wrong here.

So, me and my friend are going about our buisness playing BF2 because it's freezing cold outside and hailing. We install BF2 on his computer and he uses my cd key and stuff. I install BF2 SF and use that to play regular BF2. Well we can't connect to the same servers of course, but every time we play, if it actually lets us play without closing down the game, it doesn't count our rank!
So here is a list:

A. We install BF/2 on his computer.
B. I bought BF/2 SF and can use the SF disk to play regular BF/2
C. We download the 1.2 patch.
D. When he plays it doesn't count any of his rank stats.
E. When I play it randomly gives me guns or takes them away.
F. This mostly happens to me, but when we play about 2minutes into the game it randomly closes BF/2.
G. It's calling itself BF/2 1.12 on my computer even though I can see and connect to 1.2 servers and I installed the 1.2 patch.

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