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Default Re: Xbox 360...worth it?

I have my 360 and my Computer Hooked up (Not 24/7 mind you, only when i want it) and it works great, I've hooked it up to a standard XP (friends house) and my media center xp and both work the same as far as I can tell.

I haven't had any problems with my Xbox except for the fact that it scratched my COD2 CD, which I just rented another copy from Blockbuster and switched the two out lol =D (Just dont jar the thing when its set up vertically, and nothing will happen, My friends were rough housing while it was on)

But yeah, 360 is deffinately worth it. Everyone is saying "The Games Suck" But the ones that say that haven't played them, I have rented all of them and they kick ass in my opinion, I own 4 (about to buy my 5th) and I cant get enough of the thing, I never even played any other console this much, It's so much fun! And live is AWESOME, its seemless, you would think the people your playing with are playing in the same room as you or something but they can be across the globe and still have a good connection lol Lag is rare, if you do get it its unbarable but it normally only lasts 30-45 seconds and then doesnt come around for another 3 hours lol

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