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You just said you were in an argument. Now I have a problem with you.

Just leave me alone and stop replying to my threads, and 1337 Dude if you can read this, through your twisted little mind, the same goes for you. And ArrizX, I'm mad at you because you're running around saying I'm ungrateful. As a matter of fact, I am grateful. Ever since my dad died in August, I have been grateful for my life. I realized I shouldn't take advantage of it, and that I should live out a happy life but always know that's how my dad would want me to go on. Just because I don't show it online in a stupid pointless thread, made by an asshole who keeps arguments going on, doesn't me I am not grateful for anything. Maybe when you realize that and stop messing with me and posting things like "owned tee hee hee" when I'm in an argument with someone, I can respect you. But for now, I don't care about what you or that idiot has to say.
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