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Thread: My idea.
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Default Re: My idea.

Originally Posted by mammikoura
Well according to Einsteins Unified Field Theory (which should be like the answer to everything ) time travel is possible.
He said that light and time are directly linked. Also somehing like light and spacetime can't be seperated.
So, the philadelphia project.
The 1st (and the only official) task was to degauss the destroyer so that underwater mines would not detect it.

"The Navy admits that the U.S.S. Eldridge took part in an experiment that involved wrapping wire around the hull of the destroyer in an attempt to cancel out the magnetic fields of the metal on the ship."
So couldn't that wire, with electric current put through it create an magnetic field that would make the ship invisible to the mines?

Well, but then, well well, what other stuff could u do with a huge magnetic field? Maybe bend light? Well read the few sentences about the Unified Field Theory that I posted in the beginning of the post.

So now, according to the Unified Field Theory, because light and time are dírectly linked, the same stuff happens to them. I mean, if light dissappears then time would too right?

And because they are directly linked, and they were bending the light, what might have happened to time? Yep, they bended it too. And when they can bend the time around some object it certainly sounds like time travel.

And that's one of the ways that teleportation can work, u bend the light, and then u also bend time around it so u can make the object appear in some place far far away just in seconds. It also could work with the stuff that civilian scientists are experimenting, moving 1 atom at a time. (with a method unknown to me).

And just before someone really smart tells me that something is wrong and I have no idea what I'm talking about, keep in mind that I'm a 16 year old boy, so don't expect me to understand everything Eistein said after tens of years of research. And that text is not taken from any website, there is maybe like 3 sentences taken from somewhere else, so because I just wrote that from my head in a very short perioid of time there most likely are some mistakes.
But u get my point, time travel is possible.
Ok, so that's interesting. But, you said bend light and time. Sure, bend it, disapear from view (time) and then come back. But you didn't say actually going back into time... just bending it. Only way to go back into time, from what I've learned, is to find a wormhole and go throw that... either that or use the theory of relativity and travel 99.999999 times that of light and come back, only to find that you are a heck of lot younger than your friends, who, if not dead already, are too old to even recognize you.... indeed....
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