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Default Re: Abducted by aliens

My story for money_man

Well one night, i was out side. And this beam of light,shot down, and i went over to investigate. Then all of a sudden, these little green men, popped out of the ground. They were weilding Halo 2 style plasma rifles. And slung over their shoulders were swords. They shot at me with a net, and it wrapped around me. They called up to the beam of light, and pulled me with. We were shot up in an instant. The first room that we entered, had pictures of the incident in Roswell NewMexico. They also had an alien ware computer set up similar to this

But then we passed through a second door. And into this white room. I went freely, becuse i didnt want to be hurt. They layed me on the table, and then, tied me down. THat is when i started to struggle. THey then ANAL PROBED ME!!!! I was scared shitless. I didnt know what to do.THen all of a sudden i blacked out. And then found my self curiously addicted to this site. And i have been here ever since.
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