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Thread: I'm A Heathen
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Legion Kreinak
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Default Re: I'm A Heathen

Originally Posted by Mr. F
I have a Intel D. I play all the games nicely. I do not notice any "lag".

Everything works well. Photoshop works like a charm, as well as other programs all at once.

I happen to own a 233 XPS Old Pent 2 Dell, that still works today. I have also bought a 4700 for a friend, and I must say, it works like a charm.
Dells can be nice computers. I have to admit their Dell XPS is also very good. And the case isn't bad either.
What are your system specs? How much did it set you back? How many things can you run at once (heavy programs, esp.) before there's any lag? Do you ever notice the CPU overheating or anything?
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