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Thread: I'm A Heathen
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Legion Kreinak
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Default Re: I'm A Heathen

Originally Posted by HRHunteRHR
A. In the future he might want to upgrade?>
B. Maybe he wants a nice case?
C. Not if they were getting some of the profit. That's buisness and we've seen it like that countless times.
D. No one said he didn't either, but if he DID, how would he?
E. K so the ram sucks and you want to use the warranty so you get more crappy ram. Yea that's really smart...
F. Yes they can PLAy them. A monitor from 1998 could PLAY them. Do you really think he wants something that can just play it? I mean I know IMO i'd want something that actually utilizes the games beauty. If hes paying 1200 dollars for a computer, he wants something that's worth it.
G. OMG I cant belivee you just aid that spam is going to be nicely put away in a little folder. No. It's going to tell you that you don't have permission to delete it, and that you ened to get someoen form the company to rid it for you. I promise you that. My friend just bought an XPS.
H. It's not the fact that he doesn't want 200fps, maybe its the fact that he wants a good system for gaming, hence the XPS idea. Too bad it's ruined with something that isn't good for gaming.

I think my system would kick that system's ass any day, because I KNOW it would. This thing would only cost 1000$ max because it was built. Pay an extra 100 for an Operating system, and 50 for somone to put it together for you, and you save 50 dollars, gain performance, and rid yourself os a spam infested OS with shitty over priced computer parts. Sounds good to me. He doesn't have to do anything I say, he asked a question, I answered it; and now you're giving me a hard time for stating my oppinion. I'm firm on my oppinions on Dells and other store bought computers pal. If you want to give me some benchmarks proving me wrong, please do. But for now, you may want to read this....

A) I haven't wanted to upgrade the comp I have now, it's been four years. This little DeLL has served me fine. Chances are, it'll be the same. If anyone read my follow-up post, you'd see I'm not normally the person who needs to run out and get a game immediately. I'm paitent enough to wait for prices to drop. This would only change if a game I really wanted to play came out, like Diablo 3 - if that's even coming.

B) You're kidding, right? This is the most ridiculous reason to try and argue customs over companies. A nice case? I happen to like how the XPS cases look.

C) I doubt they're selling a 6800 that works as anything under. Chances are, the 6800 is a 6800.

D) I have never overclocked before. I doubt I'd ever want to. I don't like the risk of burning out my system for a little bit of a performance jump. To me, it seems pointless. And if I got the DeLL and decided I wanted to OC - oh well for me.

E) Someone still has to explain to me how the DeLL RAM would suck. RAM seems to be RAM to me, and those numbers look good.

F) Uh, yes, it can play them...that's what it's there for. I'm not splurging on some high-tech monitor that's insanely costly. A DeLL monitor will work as well as any other conventional one. I avoid flat still (ghosting & costly), and CRT serves me fine. I don't see how a DeLL monitor is suddenly hindered because of the company name. I think you're using your extreme bias here, and it's ridiculous.

G) I can't comment here. My cousin has an XPS from two years ago, and all his spam is gone. He deleted anything he didn't want. I did the same on this one. I doubt the new ones now are going to have "impossible spam".

H) How is the system not good for gaming? All the specs more than exceed what is needed. You're just sore because it's a DeLL.
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