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Thread: I'm A Heathen
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Legion Kreinak
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Default Re: I'm A Heathen

Originally Posted by TRDCorolla
Ok, this is getting blown out of proportion. First, the comparison isn't accurate. You don't want to compare a single core Athlon 64 CPU to a dual core Intel Pentium D.

The second thing is the fact that prebuilt systems do offer a nice package and generally, a great deal at a very attractive price, but at what cost? Limited upgradeability, performance are usually bottlenecked somewhere due to pricing (RAM may suck, but have a decent video card. Generic motherboard which is usually the case. You'll have to end up spending close to $3000 or more on a pure high performance system--but in that case, building your own would be a more practical decision), some of the components unknown, drivers are all scrunched up on a system restore CD (if you can find them in all those directories--after all, it is more like a system disc or an OS disc). But tech support is key to a prebuilt system.

There are some tradeoffs, but that's always the case in EVERYTHING. Get whatever's comfortable for you. I always recommend a Dell to people where budget is key. If you want the freedom of knowing what's in your PC and freedom of choosing your own custom parts in there, that's where building a PC comes in. I want performance and I'm also very picky about manufacturer's of certain parts that goes into my PC. So I build my own. I've had my share of cheap Gateway motherboards and generic RAM with restricted OC and upgrade capabilities. Especially the stupid Gateway and Dell splash screens that appears in POST.

That Dell configuration you pointed out will get the job done and more. It is a dual core CPU which is always nice to have. I don't even have a dual core CPU, but that's going to change on my next build.
How is the comparison not accurate? The point was to see what gave me more "bang for my buck". Dual-cores beat out single-cores, and that Athlon is a single-core. To leap to dual core would nix the small price gap.

Honestly, I've had this computer now for four years. It's old. Regardless, it runs well. I never wanted to upgrade it. Still don't. It's time for a new one. Four years from when I get that new DeLL (assuming I do) it will be time for a new one as well.

Why would the RAM suck? Even if it is 'generic'. I need this part explained, if you would.

What's the problem with a generic motherboard?
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