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Thread: CPUs
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Default Re: CPUs

well first this guy i know who has bean in the pc business for several years said AMD's are better for gaming, and i was like yeah i have heard that alot and did not believe him at first, but then he told me that AMD are the only windows compatible 64bit processors... i dont have XP pro 64bit edition but i was thinking 64bit is going to be the technology of tommorow so i went with this idea and i was real skeptical waiting for the parts to come in... my old machine had a P4 and it worked pretty good, but now in my new machine i have the AMD 64 3700+ this is a little more expensive that what you need but it is what i got... so i was playing call of duty and these huge maps like i cant even begin how to describe how big they are, load alot faster... also it runs real quiet and cool... i would seriously reconsider the whole Intel man, because in 1-3 years when 64 bit computing becomes popular you are going to have to upgrade and spend a bunch of money, or be left behind... also AMD are supposed to like i think it is called threaded differently so they carry the data faster... please man try amd cuz' when 64 bit computing becomes popular you are going to regret getting that P4, but seriously if you have to go intel do not get the pentium D...

if you have more questions please feel free to ask...
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