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Default Re: How can i reformat my harddrive plz help!!!!

yea i just built this computer and the only thing on the harddrive is half of a windows install and thats whats preventing me from downloading the rest because its trying to boot from the harddrive and theres only half of windows there and theres no way i can set it to boot from a disk

Yes i do have my windows cd and cd key so i can install again

what would the windows 98 floppy disk do for me in this situation i dont want windows 98 i want XP

AMD 64 3700+
DFI Lanparty ut nf4 ultra-D
1GB Kingston ValueRAM
200GB Maxtor Harddrive
Nvidia eVGA 6800GS

In the process of ordering parts Ill have my system up and running hopefully a couple weeks after X-MAS

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