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Thread: USB hub broken
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Default USB hub broken

Argh... like two months ago my mom broke my USB hub, and its a real pain, cause right now my PC is busted and I'd really like some new songs on my mp3 player. I HAVE USB 1
Ok... ill try to make a diagram:

See that black little slip above the four wires? that isn't there, and that's why it broke, but I had been using it for a while WITHOUT the black plastic slip.
So, my mom jams in a usb stick and bends all the wires. I bended them all back using needle pliers or those thin ones or w.e and a fork. Before i did that, whenever I inserted a USB stick, it just auto-powered off (security feature i think). So now, only the first three little sticks (the wire connection things) are properly, the black plastic slip is missing, and the foruth little wire is completely bended in half. HOWEVER, when i insert a usb stick inside, the system doesn't auto power off.
What should I do next,
If you think I can fix it, what tools should I use ( I half most )

Thanks alot people!
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