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Default Re: Whats better? Film or Digital?

Yeah, I have a tiny little Sony Cybershot. I think it's 1.8 megapixels or something like that. That's all I need though, really. I'm not interested in making prints, and I don't need super blowups of anything, so it suits me perfectly. Plus, I bought it off of eBay for about $50. Good deal to me!

Also, in regards to how many megapixels a digital camera would need to recreate film - technically it would need an infinite number of pixels. Think about it: with film, there are no little blocks of color. It's one big continuous picture. That's why film is so much better. With digital, the picture is made up of little blocks, and, if resolution is high enough, you don't notice them, but no matter what resolution a digital camera is, you can always enlarge far enough to see the individual pixels. So, unless they develop some new technology that captures a continuous picture (which would be fairly impossible since pixelated images are the essence of digital photography), digital will really NEVER be as good as film. However, if you just talk about relative quality, digital will get better. I mean, most people don't need a picture to be blown up 1000x or anything like that. So eventually, digital will meet the quality needs of the public, but it's definitely not there yet.
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