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Let us not take dying as a negative part of our life,after all,we end on that part. And I don't want to lose that part of my existence here on earth. But after you die,where will you go? In my opinion,you will not automatically in heaven after you die nor in hell. As I read the bible, no one,even all the saints and apostle of Jesus never been in heaven. There will be a judgement day or anything<might be the second coming of Christ>. I believe in God but I don't believe in religion. Lot of religion claiming that they believe and obey God but still they fight to each other. Sometimes, death is the prize when you attack another religion. What is that? By the way, I believe that you will go to heaven when you do something good without any expectation in return, just do good naturally. JAC006 is right,the essence of living is how you remembered by the people living in the world even when you died a hundred years ago. After all, don't just live prominently but do what makes you happy. Cherish every moment you are encountering. Just like waking up in a christmas morning is such a joy.It's not that how you celebrate it but the breeze and the ambience of the environment you are seeing and feeling...
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