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Default Re: getting started again in programming.

Originally Posted by TopWeb can master it in a day
first of all... that was a fairly smug thing to say... and it really is inviting to take pot shots at that...

I'm not critisizing you. but if you can master HTML in a day...

how come your site fails HTML validation?
(in other words it's not mastered it's badly written containing errors. (disallowed charector on line 107), I copied this page, removed the TM char that wasn't allowed, now it shows 62 different errors... Hardly Mastered...

In short, you can't master HMTL in a day, I don't think anyone could... you could maynbe roughly hack together a site, but it probably wouldn't be as good as topwebs site, (which is visually very nice looking), but unless you take great care it'll contain errors, and whilst you may manage to maker HTML 4, and you might even manage the strict version... you have to appreciate that HTML 4 was defined back in the 90s and is now some 6 or 7 specifications out of date...

Also pay no attention to the smug people that'll put you down because you know a little less than them... don't try to set yourself impossible limits, it will take time to learn things...
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