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Arrow getting started again in programming.

hey guys. a couple years ago i was pretty heavy into computers. did a little bit of everything, gfx,programming,hardware, and just general knowledge. well after i dropped out of the computer tech program at my school (teacher was awful, didnt teach shit..made us do bitch work), i kinda lost interest and stopped staying current with technology. well now ive been getting into building a new computer for myself and realized that i used to be really into this stuff and i wouldnt mind getting into it again ya know.

i took a programming class last year, we used QBASIC and i did pretty damn well except for a few concepts that i didnt really understand (maybe it was cause i was asleep most of the time). anyway, i think it would be pretty cool to get back into programming just for fun. right now i dont know what i want to major in in college but i have a year or two to choose and id like to see if id like computers to be a career for me.

but what im tryin to ask is where should i begin? i dont know much terminology anymore and ive pretty much completely forgotten most of what i learned in programming class and completely forgotten HTML n all that good stuff.

i used to have a website that had a webcam of me 24/7 and i thought that was pretty cool. maybe i should start with re-learning html and trying to understand how to make a layout and how to go from a picture to having it the layout of my page using tables, a concept i never understood. anyway..any "newb" links or advice you could send my way would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
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