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Thread: amd 3000+
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Default Re: amd 3000+

Originally Posted by STeven159159
al right i have an hp pavilion a706n
amd athlon xp 3000+
512 mb
chaintech fx 5500 256 mb
160 gb 7,200 rpm
250 W powersupply
More specs at:,119531,00.asp
and i want to upgrade because i dont want to waste money on a new comp so i want to get extra things for this comp and suggestions i need this comp for css bf2 and fear but i have a limite of around 400$
ok your going to need 1gb ram total, and a better video card..try for a AGP 6800nu or maybe a 6600gt. but that means new Powersupply..which is about $50.00 and thats about it
AMD 3000+ @ 2.25
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