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Default Re: Microsoft Media Player 10 problem.

Originally Posted by spank_fusion
You got ripped off. are absolutely right about that. And check THIS out: A technician will be coming out to my home, in the next few days, to replace the processor fan. There was NOTHING AT ALL wrong with it until AFTER i retrieved my system from CC. Booting up, now, sounds (and I do NOT exaggerate) ten times louder than it did before. I had also noted that the two retaining thumbscrews, on the back panel, were VERY, VERY loose. It didn't seem right to me that they would have to go INTO my unit in order to format & reload. Well, it turns out that one of my processor-fan's fins broke off, and the fan itself wobbles some - especially on bootup or restarting. My CD-rom drive does not read an inserted disk - 75% of the time - and the person that I spoke with on the phone (CC advantage plan) refused to order a replacement because of the fact that I didn't lie and say that it refused to read a disk - at the time when she asked me to insert one and render the development. I feel really bad that I spent over a hundred dollars on this warranty service plan - and have to wade through their red-tape whenever a problem arises. Yes...A REAL RIP-OFF INDEED!!

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