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Thread: Hackers
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Default Re: Hackers

Originally Posted by dyserq
Yep, there is no GUI for hackers
And only the black hat hackers exploit the security flaws, the grey hats tell the good guyz and the bad ones but don't go tampering with other peoples computers and the white hats are pure and report the bugs
Wait, No

Haven't any of you seen those old Westerns? Black = Bad Guy, White = Countries version of knight in shining armor, Observe;

Black Hats = Crackers, Illegal Artists, Anarchy, Do things for personal Gain

White Hats = Do things to explore technology, get in and see how things tick, Stop the Black Hats in Mid Attack, Report Exploits before the Blacks can do anything mischievious

Grey Hats= doesnt really exist, We refer to them as White hats that sometimes do things maliciously.

For Instance I am Kinda a Gray Hat: One Time I deleted this guys entire hard drive for stealing all of My stuff on a game we play. The day was really windy, My hat blew off, Sorry lol

And There You have it lol

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