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Thread: F.e.a.r
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Default Re: F.e.a.r

Originally Posted by daemon
Well it's not from the creators of Max Payne.
And I am so suprised that it worked on ur ancient pc, coz I am having problems with it. I have P4 3.00Ghz, fx5700 (256mb) and 512 ddr ram.
But I'm prolly getting some more ram soon, and maybe a new GPU.
And Alvino, it will! It runs somehow on my pc so with a 6600 u can play it quite well.
Seriously??? I could run it when all the settings were on medium! I mean this is using the family PC (P4 2.4GHz, 256Mb RAM, Sapphire X800 Pro). I may have a better graphics card than you, but I only have a 350W power source which sucks due to the graphics card demanding so much more than that

Originally Posted by Space_Coyote
I'm thinking it has to be by the same developers as Max Payne with the slo-mo feature and weird dream sequences.
I can see where you're coming from Space_Coyote, with all the wierd flashbacks and slow motion, but I think that Vivendi have tried to stylize it along side the sucessful Japanimation style of 'creepy-ass-girl-with-awesome-action-scenes'. Personally, I'm glad a reasonably small gaming company produced such a good game It gives hope to all those prospective game programmers (especially me ) and designers that working for a smaller company doesn't mean your not on the top line of game making
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