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Thread: Is it just me
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Default Re: Is it just me

All you canadians and presumably europeans that are sayin we are really stuck up have it completely backwards. Yes we feel as though we have a great deal of power(dont even try to dispute it cause we do) yet everyone that I have talked to feels betrayed. Why should we keep shipping money out when we get nothing in return. We need it and yet everyone just looks and says "they are rich let them deal with it" Attitudes like that piss me off. Just be a decent human and look at the situation without national boarders. If this keeps on happening and the world continues to turn their backs on us why should they expect money when a hurricane slams into their coast. The other major powers arent invincible. Dont be stupid and think about it in terms of "if somethin happens to us who is the first one that we look to for a hand out" Prolly gonna be us so dont turn ur backs on us now. And quit thinking we all walk around like were hot Sh**.
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