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Default Re: Funny clip

Originally Posted by geek_gal
LOL...Great just great..ive seen that before but its still as funny!
OMG....ive just relise something in this world of 'men','guys'...
ANY chance for you males to 'touch' yourselfs ay?
(watch that video, speesh that guy,in some of the bits of the song, the more times to ..yeah you might get an idea...n/m! lol....)
12 times.... that i counted btw...o dear...
Before any of you say cant HELP but notice!

hey btw do the same as me...
you sign off with your name..

Chris haha...just noticed that!



yeah it's a habit after awhile :P
Plus cantona I think she was saying that when ever the mime did the hand movment for "Man" or "guy" or "him" it seemed as though the mime was unzipping his pants... lol :P

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