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Thread: Oops
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i've caught my wall on fire too!! and my desk...and my self...and a soccer ball which we kicked around for awhile, uhh...btw burnt hair smells horrid!! if you wanna know how i know that lets just say that my friend don't have hair on one of his legs . anyway...uhh...shot my foot w/ a paintball gun (accidentally, i thought the stupid safety was on)...hmm...we were wrestling on a trampoline and i flew off and landed on my head...was a good 10 or 12 ft in the air. uhh...when i was littler i just learned how to do backflips off of swings and tried it at the local park...which had HUGE swings btw...and i landed that on my head too and chipped a tooth...hmm...when i was learning how to do backflips i didn't time it right and flew backwards and my chin caught a 2x4 that was laying there and ...well idk how to describe it but it hurt, trust me. hmm tons of other stuff...just cant think of anything else...except that i was bare foot and opend our screen door and the corner caught my big toe and ripped the toenail completly off...that hurt...ohh...were not talking about things that hurt are we....things that are stupid...hmmm....well...this is an exception...

idk what lynx far as i know its a big cat....but im sure there is a reason you put a lynx in a tube lol
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