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Default Re: Why is Darkblade banned? (continued)

Originally Posted by Steven12
Right, Ok I am leavign this thread and i am going to have nothing to do with it..bye
That was completely unnecessary. This is what I'm trying to fight - the fear and overcontrol of open discussion. Steve, there's no reason for you to disassociate yourself with this thread or to avoid writing in it. If a mod would ban you for arguing against me continuing this thread, then there's an even BIGGER problem than I thought (and I already thought it was pretty massive!). Also, there is nothing wrong with openly discussing your opinions (IN A PROFESSIONAL MANNER!). If you feel I'm wrong, state your reasons so that we can discuss it further. I just want to foster a healthy debate. No insult-slinging, no slandering, no threatening - I want a reasonable compromise. As a reasonable man and even having suffered an injustice in these forums myself, I am not attacking anyone. I truly want to see these forums peaceful again. I have no other motive than that.
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