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Default To Wombat, Lurkswithin, and Setishock

You three need to have a little talking to. I am the only one here who is assertive enough to do it in a manner which is appropriate to the outlandish rule enforcing around here. So, all of you listen up please.

First off, you might be MODs, but you BETTER respect long standing members. That includes ME. I have been here longer then all of you, and have far more knowledge about many of the people on this forum. You are the noobs here. Disrespecting long standing members is not ACCEPTABLE.

Originally Posted by wombat
I do not have to answer to you matie...

Givimkis bilong mi baksait...
Case in point! You DO NOT disrespect LK, and you DO answer to LK Wombat, oh you DO! I answer to LK, I have more respect for him then any other. You WILL respect his views and heed his advice or I will punish you outside this forum. UNACCPETABLE.. Do you realize how much LK is loved on CF and CTF and every forum I have ever seen him on? DO YOU? Do you realize that you totally disresepctful to him in that other thread that you locked. You disrespected me as well. I do not take lightly to noobs disrespecting me like that. I KINDLY put in an excerpt to NOT edit my post in which I was giving examples of words that should be allowed and are not truly "cuss" words. You blatently ignored my plea. You will not get away with that sir. I am at the end of my rope with all three of you naive mods. You better shape up and respect members who have been here longer then you (LK has been here longer then all THREE of you combined x 3) You disrespect LK, you disrespect EVERYONE and CF itself. LK has been here almost since David started this forum. You also have NO right to disrespect Matt, the MODERATOR. He is one of the oldest people on CF, and is HEAD MOD. You do not OVERRIDE him nor argue with him, he is IN CHARGE. I will stand up for him. He is a wise MOD and you three are new to the position. Start showing respect, or I will have no choice but to show a LACK of it outside this forum to you. I will not break rules in posting ANYTHING, so as to not give you reason to ban me. All of you better get a clue and some respect, or you will pay for it dearly. ABOVE ALL, respect Matt and LK, they are 30x better people then you will ever be, and have been here almost since David started this forum. You disrespect them, you disrespect CF, and I do not think David would appreciate you guys doing that.. LK and Matt are his best friends, you are just his MODs. Face reality, you are to do your jobs and respect senior members above you. In my honest opinion, you three are NOT friend material, more like arch enemy material.
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