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Default Re: What is your age

Originally Posted by Maurice

I wish 4x4's were illegal on our highways, you prabably need them there, far more than we in England do, I live on the Isle of Wight, just off the south coast, the island is only 20 miles by 30, yet there are a large amount of them, they don't really need them here, they're a menace on our narrow country roads, some of them are Willy's Jeeps, costing in the region of 40,000, about $32,000 [?], ther's a local joke, they only buy them to park by the supermarkets, they never go off-road.
What's your view on this?, you can PM me if you like.

is it true in england your allowed to drive 4-wheelers on the roads? not 4X4's but 4wheelers
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