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Default Re: nice gaming pc price?

Originally Posted by DarkBlade
Well, price on a PC really varies. If you want a decent PC that will play ANY GAME on high settings, budget about 1,300-1,800. If you want a PC that will PLAY any game on ULTRA settings with extreme FPS, budget about 1,900-5,000! LMAO! If you want a PC that will get away with games on Medium settings with ok FPS, budget around 600-1,200.
Well my pc was just under $1000. I brought it about a year ago, and updater the graphics card about in february. (and that $1000 does include the new graphics card) and I can play Doom3 with the best graphic settings with no lag at all. So I'd say that a budget of about $1000 will get u a pc that's capable of playing new games with the best settings. But u might want to pay a little more so u don't have to upgrade so soon.
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