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Default My rebutle to this new "rule"

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Rules update, everyone read! (July 20th, 2005 until August 20th, 2005) Here are some definitions.

1. 'Unuseful comments'

When in the for sale board, 'brand suck' should be edited and the user informed that this kind of thread is not allowed.

2. 'Advice threads'

'Which should I choose, brand A or brand B' -

brand are not any good, because............

This is acceptable, because it is what is being asked for.

3. 'Advice threads' 2

bran suck

- These should be edited.

I refer you to the rules as posted by the admin.. Please read the rule number have been edited.
Please feel free to reinstate your thoughts when you can abide BY THE RULES....Have a nice day
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