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Gangs, Stay away from them. Whether they joined for the popularity if you will to be and look cool, or the fact they can't independently defend themselves. It's really sad what this world and society has come to. Now a days gang members won't bother fighting you, Now the thing is to just shoot you. It's real, It's true, Turn on the tv. Just a couple weeks ago we had a Gang Enforcement officer check up on a fellow gang member I believe, and when the door was answered, the officer was shot at point blank range in the head, leaving his wife and children behind.

I had a friend in a gang, Grew up with the guy, but when we hit Highschool together he took on the wrong crowd. He understood why I wouldn't hang around him anymore, but still remained a great friend. I guess some guy had beef with their crew and got his friends together....Lets just say someone lost thier life.

Theres no such thing as fighting now a days, and if there is, It's on its way out.

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