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Default Re: Unpredictable P4!!

Originally Posted by DarkBlade
I am not argueing. I respect your political science knowledge that you are learning, now respect my CPU Fabrication and COmputer Engineering knowledge that I know.
Excuse me? Are you calling me computer illiterate? I did not bring up politics into this. I'm not going to respect someone who is like a politican. Blow something out of proportion and skip simplier solutions. You would be a great politican. And that I'm learning? That's rich and insulting. It seems like I'm always learning, and you always know. Just because you have bags of money does not mean you are smarter then me.

I know plenty enough to speak in this thread and to give out advice. I think you should respect my ability in doing that, instead of dismissing me outright.

Another solution that isn't as "difficult" is to simply run a system cleanup through windows and reinstalling your driver .dll files (graphics card drivers and Pentium4 drivers if your PC requires them) If the P4 driver base is corrupted, a binary 0 can be added which won't interfere with symmetry commands but rather linear thread commands, which would explain the lag. Try reinstalling the motherboard drivers because the memory access chip could very well be writting an additional binary digit into the L2 cache, making the P4 read another digit that shouldn't exist and it has to use error correction which causes those laggy pauses your describing.
Great finally you recognize a simple, and possibly correcting solution that I previously recommended. I would recommend a clean install of Windows, rather because the problems may be deeper, and a system clean-up may not clear it up. But do not format, until all other previous options have been exhausted.
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