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Default Re: Apple switching over to x86 from PowerPC

If you read deeper and ignore Mr Jobs somewhat (it has to be done to get the real story on things) you'd also find another major reason Apple has switched.

IBM didnt deliver the processoer Jobs wanted, boo hoo, Mr Jobs as we know is an eletist asshole. Apple make up 3% of the desktop market.

How many people do you know with a Mac? How many people do you know with a games console?

IBM just got the contracts of all three major games consoles. More people have consoles (or multiple consoles) than people who have Mac's.

Do you see what I'm getting at? IBM dont care one bit about Apple, they said themselves (I'll try and locate the quote) they would not miss Job's and his whiney demands.

Not only did IBM not have the 3Ghz chips Apple needed, nor had G5's cool enough for laptops, IBM where not particulary intersted in supplying them ether!

IBM basicly told Jobs to GTF, and Jobs had nowhere to go. He would never return to Motorola, he's slagged them off too much. Nobody else can produce these chips to a decent standard in a short time.

Enter Intel. They're a large company with reliable history, they have the facilitys to produce sufficent supplies of Apple, and they have a chip that is as powerful as the G5 and alot cooler.

But dont be fooled into thinking this was a sudden desision, Apple has been looking at x86 since before 2000.
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