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Default Re: X800Xl Or 6800gt?

cheesejr i noticed you have a pentium 4 3.2ghz, overclock it to the max it can go without increasing the vore (your temperatures will not increase at all, maybe 1 degree higher, its the vcore that increase temperature insanely). with default cooling you should be able to get 3.6 maybe even 3.8. Trust me you are missing out alot if you dont overclock, pentium 4s are bad for gaming in general, i dont think you will see that much difference from 6800 128ddr to 6800gt if you dont overclock your cpu. right now your cpu is bottlenecking your 6800 128ddr. I know this stuff cause i had a pentium 4, got a 6600gt (bad performance), changed it to 6800 128ddr (same bad performance), then finally got 6800gt and amd 64 3800 (amazing performance).
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