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Default Re: Apple switching over to x86 from PowerPC

In no way are the Intel lines better than PowerPC. Pentiums continue to be slower in terms of flops. Apple switched, as far as I know, because PowerPCs are not in line for much improvement and there is no known way to put a G5 in a laptop. Frankly I wish they went with AMD. I also hope that they will continue to offer PowerPC based Macs in the future.

Now this reminds me of why I used to hate Apple. They constantly change the base technology of the Macintosh leaving older computers behind as junk. First the switch from 68k to PowerPC, then the switch from classic to NextStep/OS X and now this. On one hand improvement is good. On the other it means that PowerPC users can expect to see fewer new software. Now if people want to keep up, they have to upgrade their cpus or buy a new Mac.
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