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Default Re: This Is A Strange Forum.

I think that per is on to something. and TommyBoy you don't need to go jumping to conclusions.
I think that it would make the site a lot better myself if the postings were seperated a little more than what they are. The pictures and things like that could be in a category by themselves or with the "I want to buy this....what do you think" and the "I really need your help!!!" in a totally different category. It is really hard to try to keep up with helping someone as after each post.. you have to re hunt for it and scroll through the other stuff.
It wouldn't be any different than going from the hardware to the social area as you do right now.
But one thing for certain is we don't need attitudes popping up over a suggestion of change.
And I do believe that every suggestion for the making of this site better should be viewed openly and honestly.
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