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Default Re: How important is it to flash your bios?

The only time anyone should be messing around with flashing the BIOS is when there is leading indications that support that there may be problems dealing with it.
The bios is fragile and should not be messed with just to be doing it as it can destroy your board if you mess up
While there are bios chips that can be replaced relatively easy with the newer plug in bios, It is still best to err on the safe side of caution.
Whether or not it will allow you to overclock better is kind of depenent upon the bios update itself.
There are utillities that will help you flash your bios and it has become a lot easier than what it was in the past.
Please go to your mobo manufacturer's site to see what type of bios was installed in your mobo as there are different types and look for the flash utillity that is recommended. As in editing the registry ...always back up before you jump.
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