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Default Re: Reinstalling Windows XP

Originally Posted by zacharybinkz
When I got home today, I found that my computer wouldn't start up. It will get to that screen to ask me what way I want to start it up (safe mode, normal) and all of that. But when I chose one of them, it just restarts itself. So I have just decided to reinstall windows, because I didn't have anything that important on my computer anyway. The only problem is when I put the CD in the CD-Rom it won't let me try to boot it from the CD (it doesn't say press any key to boot from CD) does anyone know why this is happening?
Go into your computers bios setup (press delete on startup) and make sure that your cdrom is the first boot device. If not change it so it is, then save your changes and exit. Now try again to install XP.

Here's Microsoft KB article on installing XP;en-us;Q316941
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