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Thread: stickies
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Default Re: stickies

well yes. it was a bit of an over statement.
I thought it'd already been decided that the gallery stickies were staying, I mean we all know that they'll just be recreated a hundred more times if they aren't left...

I think the pruning seti was refering to would be things like after the first picture of your workstation there is a page and a half of conversation before the next picture, and it might be nicer in the gallery just to see pictures?

I'm glad to see a lot of the other stickies are gone, simply because I don't think anybody reads them anyway before posting a question. for a lot of people bythe time tey get around to posting a question they've already spent most of a day searching on google, so another search is just adding to the frustration.

thos that havn't spent half the day searching for the answer to their own problem are not going to spend five minutes reading a general thread before posting.
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