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Thread: Laptop HD
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Default Laptop HD

Hi, I have a Compaq Presario 710E (I think) :P
it's kinda of old but still works
the problem is that the CD Drive doesn't work anymore and I bought an External one because when the internal stopped working I had the computer without Operative System on it
The problem is that the External drive needs drivers and although it reads the Windows XP CD it doesn't read some of the files necessary for the installation and restarts, first I was concerned that maybe the CD was scratched but I tried with linux, windows 98, windows 2000 and none of them is able to install. Is there anyway I can connect the HD of my laptop (that is removable) to my desktop so I can install the OS from there and then take it back to the laptop?

If there is please tell me, everyone I asked untill now say that they never heard of sucj device that connects a cable of one disk type do another type of disk.

thanks in advance, DarkDragon7099
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