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Default Re: New Extreme Edition - WTF!!!

"The Prescott and Gallatin and so on just aren't AMD64-Level Processors, and still they beat it which should be amazing."

Lord Kalthorn, stop talking out of your ass. The Gallatin core is a server core, which means it is not that suitable for desktops, and the Prescott core was the worst thing which ever happen to Intel. If I was going to buy an Intel, I'd buy a Northwood. No question about it.

On the subject of mobile processors, if your gonna buy a laptop with a desktop processor in it, you have to have one hell of a big laptop bag, and it would need enough power to supply a damn fishing village. Also, it will way a ton. That's where mobile processors come in, as they use less power, are lighter, are quieter (come on, do you really want a laptop which sounds like a whirlwind) and most of all, as technology progresses, are getting better are more like desktop chips.

SSE4, your completely right. Intel have approached the 6-series wrong, as they have kept the NetBurst architecture and also the Prescott core. The 6-series should have been built to compete with the AMD 64s, but instead it just looks like a stop-gap until the dual-cores come out.

"Someone who strives for more, like AMD, is going to catch up. Someone who is used to winning all the time, like Intel (Or Nintendo and it's Gameboy) is just going to sit around assuming it can win by default."

That is the best sentence summing up Intel and AMD I have heard in a long time. AMD are now advertising, getting contracts, making better processors, and researching. Intel are just researching. That's it. I could imagine being in two rooms, one with AMD and one with Intel. In the AMD room, they would be furiously planning, but chatting and laughing at the same time. In the Intel room, everyone would be sitting in corner's staring out the windows, or watching TV. And if Intel don't buck up their ideas, AMD are easily going to over take them, just because AMD seem to care more about what they do.

I'm gonna say this again, but SSE4 has some of the most balanced arguments in this forum. True, he's an Intel supporter, but unlike Lord Kalthorn he really knows what he's talking about and he also is ready to admit that in some places Intel have gone wrong.
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