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Thread: favorite games
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playing loads of anarchy online lately.though its pretty old i was surprised to find the graphics aint that bad at all.i love the sci fi future anarchistic scenario lol.used to play black hawk down and joint operations but ist all become too noobie.probably me and the squad i game with are going into battlefield 2.probably gonna rock.

but myself personally start to loose interest in this (fps)type of game and thats why i started a free account of anarchy online.i play that with my mates and we all work together as a team with doctors and fixers and engineers.when i started i thought what a crap game when u come into noob island but when u progress to the large towns a world really opens really worried when the free account ends in januari 2006 lol.i mite actually subscribe as addicted im to it now.

cool of that kind of game is it allows u to chill after a hard days work as
with fps its quite frustrating playing for 30 minutes dead tired when some snotty kid whos playing non stop for 48 hours thinking he's owning u cuz he's so l33t and not because he is spawnraping and on a triple dose of amfetamines.:P

i rather have a game which gives u time to think where u also got time to make a nice cup of coffee and sit back and enjoy the profit of your brain productivity muahahaha :-)

regards Dopzzzzz
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