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Default Re: Show your pets...

Originally Posted by Giancarlo
This is completely stereotypical and BS for that matter. My dog is very well trained and most of the time smells better then cats. My aunt owns several cats and they spray all over the furniture, tear things up and eat through bags of food. So really are cats all that much better? I bet not. Cats don't take their own baths. Owners again must do that.
Many people however find dogs smelly. Personally I can't tell but thats not a good nor a bad sign. Many people of course also find Cats smelly... I don't know what strange cats your aunt has but they obviously aren't well trained Male cats may do that... never had a male cat so I wouldn't know but I imagine FX would be talking about a Female Cat.

Nobody has to wash a cat It wouldn't make it easy even if they did. Your aunts cats are scaring me...

Originally Posted by Giancarlo
Dogs are more resistent then cats. Saying otherwise is a common misperception amongst cat owner fanatics as yourself. Dogs have stronger immune systems. They do suffer from what you mention (but apparently your parents did not put their dog on heartworm pills). Additionally, cats suffer from the exact same thing.. that is why they too need heartworm pills.

Dogs and Cats are just as resiliant. Dogs however, larger ones more so but all eventually will suffer from a number of conditions Cats would never which has to be included in the point about problems.

Originally Posted by Giancarlo
I proved myself with cut clear evidence. Cats suffer from ring worm and other diseases too. Respect what opinions? Those aren't opinions. Opinions are based on something that can be perceived either way. Like whether god exists. Statements that I made are factual, since cats do in fact suffer from the same amount of diseases that dog do and that is why there is medicine for them.

They were opinions, some were facts. Dogs are murderous with clean cut homes with white walls and expensive furniture. Perhaps you can get, if you choose Male Cats, mess from Cats but not really the same amount; also as kittens, but you'd get that with a puppy at least also, probably moreso anyway.

I don't think Dogs pee over everything myself, not more than a cat will, as a puppy of course but the same with a kitten as I said. They do however get dreadfully muddy and will not clean themselves as a Cat does.

Personally I like both. Wouldn't be without my cats wouldn't be without my dog but in all the dog makes more mess in a day than both cats in a month plus.

I'm not sure why you did that though... it was a little unprovoked You don't work for some Pro-Dog Anti-Cat Government Organisation do you? Most of the things she said were opinion, some were true, some were possibly false life goes on but in the end you're just going to look silly if you continue to bicker over nothing.
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