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Default Re: Show your pets...

Originally Posted by athlon64fx
dogs are murderous when it comes to homes dont have one in a nice house with expensive funriture. they pee all over everything and they stink. cats can take thier own baths dogs cant you ahve to give them a bath liek twice a week or they smell baaaad!!
This is completely stereotypical and BS for that matter. My dog is very well trained and most of the time smells better then cats. My aunt owns several cats and they spray all over the furniture, tear things up and eat through bags of food. So really are cats all that much better? I bet not. Cats don't take their own baths. Owners again must do that.

dogs also got more buggies on them too and arent as desease resistant as cats are. they also get HUMONGUS worms up thier butt!!! I saw one that was 8 feet long comin outta my parents dobermann lucky.

from then on I called him Butt Lucky!!! hehehe
Dogs are more resistent then cats. Saying otherwise is a common misperception amongst cat owner fanatics as yourself. Dogs have stronger immune systems. They do suffer from what you mention (but apparently your parents did not put their dog on heartworm pills). Additionally, cats suffer from the exact same thing.. that is why they too need heartworm pills.

Do me a favor.. next time you try to B.S at least put some effort into it.
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